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A Farmers' Co-operative - Setting the Scene

This event will provide the opportunity for members of the Stirlings to Coast Farmers Board, SCF Co-op Executive Committee and interested SCF members to discuss the proposed Farmers’ Co-operative.

Key topics will include:

  • Why a Co-operative – benefits to our farmers

  • Market development opportunities – options for lamb trade and noodle wheat

  • Value proposition for members

  • Case studies

  • Options for setting up the Co-operative

  • Rules of the Co-operative

  • Financial management

  • Naming of the Co-operative

  • Where to next?

Presentations by

  • Sam Byrne – EO NSW Co-op

  • Ken Drummond - SCF Board member and Executive Committee Chair

  • Peter Trefort – Co-operative Ambassador

  • Christine Kershaw – CEO SCF

  • Daniel Marshall – business advisor ATQ consultanting

  • Nick Hunt - market development specialist AAM consulting.